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50 Awesome New jQuery Plugins

The jQuery community never ever fails to let you down. Its constantly evolving, constantly improving and, thankfully, constantly releasing a tidal wave of fresh and powerful freely available plugins for every possible requirement.
Today we round-up the best and most powerful jQuery plugins from the last few months. You will find a comprehensive selection of the always popular sliders, image galleries, navigation solutions and form validity options. But this round-up has much more. Much, much more.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery MobilejQuery Mobile is a unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code has been built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.
jQuery Mobile Download & Docs →

Globalization Plugin from Microsoft

The jQuery Globalization Plugin enables you to add globalization support to your JavaScript applications. This plugin includes globalization information for over 350 cultures ranging from Scottish Gaelic, Frisian, Hungarian, Japanese, to Canadian English. We will be releasing this plugin to the community as open-source.
Globalization Plugin from Microsoft Download & Docs →


TransformieTransformie is a Javascript plugin that comes in less than 5k that you embed into web pages and that brings you CSS Transforms by mapping the native IE Filter API to CSS transitions as proposed by Webkit.
Transformie Download & Docs →


CLEditorCLEditor is an open source jQuery plugin which provides a lightweight, full featured, cross browser, extensible, WYSIWYG HTML editor that can be easily added into any web site.
CLEditor Download & Docs →

Color Plugin xcolor

The xcolor plugin is an easy-to-use jQuery extension to manipulate colors in all imaginable combinations.
This plugin implements an extensiv color parser and a featureful set of color-manipulation methods. There is also an animate() extension to smooth CSS colors. Another useful method isReadable() completes the whole, by allowing you to check if a text is readable on a certain background. The color value can also be passed in different color models: RGB, HSV/HSB, HSL and their adequate alpha extensions.
Color Plugin xcolor Download & Docs →


Sexy.js is a lightweight JavaScript library which provides enhanced Sequential Ajax (Sajax) functionality and a sleek facade to jQuery’s native Ajax methods.
Sexy.js Download & Docs →

Crazy Dots

Crazy DotsjdCrazyDots is a jQuery Plugin that creates a loading spinner via CSS. Best appearance is with CSS3 capable browser, but can be made to work in older browsers, too.
Crazy Dots Download & Docs →
Demo →

QuickFlip 2

QuickFlip 2QuickFlip 2 is a major reworking of the jQuery plugin that flips any piece of HTML markup over like a card. The new version is faster and even easier to use—simply call the flip animation through a jQuery selector and the QuickFlip will flip the front panel to show its back.
QuickFlip 2 Download & Docs →


This plug-in allows you to apply 2D transformations in all CSS3 capable browsers as well as Internet Explorer. This plug-in works in Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3.1+, Chrome, Opera 10.5+ and IE 5.5+.
Transform Download & Docs →

Tooltip Plugins

Cute Balloon

Cute BalloonCute Balloon is a jQuery script that allows you to easily make a ‘cute’ tool tip balloon. It also works with Ajax content.
Cute Balloon Download & Docs →
Demo →

Poshy Tip

Poshy TipPoshyTip includes 7 different color schemes for tooltips; it displays tooltips relatively to forms and inputs; supports asynchronous page loading; can load flickr feeds; has fade-in effects; and much, much more.
Poshy Tip Download & Docs →
Demo →


ColortipColortip converts the title attributes of an element within your page, into a series of colorful tooltips. With six color themes are available, you can easily match it with the rest of your design.
Colortip Download & Docs →
Demo →&

Charts and Graph Plugins


gvChartgvChart is a plugin for jQuery, that uses Google Charts to create interactive visualization by using data from the HTML table tag. It is easy in use and additionally it allows you to create five types of charts (AreaChart, LineChart, BarChart, ColumnChart and PieChart).
gvChart Download & Docs →
Demo →


DDchartDDchart is a JSON data driven bar chart plug-in that creates a classable bar chart with flash style animation effects.
DDchart Download & Docs →
Demo →

Web Page UI Plugins

Pines Notify

Pines NotifyPines Notify is a JavaScript notification plugin that has been designed to offer an unparalleled level of flexibility, while still being very easy to implement and use. It uses the jQuery UI CSS library for styling, which means it is fully and easily themeable.
Pines Notify Download & Docs →
Demo →


jQnoticejQnotice allows you to easily show an animated notification tooltip at the top of your website with just a simple line of code.
jQnotice Download & Docs →

jQuery Constant Footer

Jquery Constant FooterjQuery Constant Footer Download & Docs →
Demo →

Simple Unlimited Levels Vertical Drop-Down Navigation Menu

Simple Unlimited Levels Vertical Drop-Down Navigation MenuSimple Unlimited Levels Vertical Drop-Down Navigation Menu Download & Docs →
Demo →


PajinatePajinate is a simple and flexible jQuery plugin that allows you to divide long lists or areas of content into multiple separate pages.
Pajinate Download & Docs →
Demo →

Mapping Plugins


.goMap.goMap Download & Docs →
Demo →


jMappingThis plugin has been designed for quick development of a page that implements a Google Map with a list of the locations that are specified within the HTML.
jMapping Download & Docs →
Demo →

Forms, Validation, Tables and Search


jQuery.validityjQuery.validity is a powerful jQuery plugin you can use to setup client-side form validation. Instead of writing validation manually or balancing some unwieldy server-side framework, validity allows you to design client-side validation in a manner that feels natural and straightforward.
jQuery.validity Download & Docs →
Demo →


FormationFormation is a jQuery plugin that allows you to quickly create a form with validation without writing any HTML. You simply specify the container you wish to append the form to. By passing a few paramters into one of the formation function calls you can add different validation such as number, e-mail, url, phone number, or zip code.
Formation Download & Docs →
Demo →


Html5formHTML5 allows you to validate forms without the need for additional JavaScript. Currently only Safari & Google Chrome supports this functionality. This plugin, with just a single line of code, gets the same result in Firefox & Internet Explorer.
Html5form Download & Docs →
Demo →


ezMarkezMark is a very small (minified version is ~1.5kb) plugin that allows you to stylize Radio button and Checkbox easily.
ezMark Download & Docs →
Demo →

Searchable DropDown

Searchable DropDownA jQuery plugin which extends normal dropdown (select) elements to be searchable.
Searchable DropDown Download & Docs →
Demo →


popBoxThis plugin provides a simple to use popup textarea extension for textboxes.
popBox Download & Docs →
Demo →

Cantipi Time Picker

Cantipi Time PickerCantipi is a simple, functionality and highly original time picker built with jQuery and makes use of canvas.
Cantipi Time Picker Download & Docs →
Demo →

Animated Table Sort

Animated Table SortThis plugin allows you to animatedly sort a table based on a column’s <td>s, or on the content/value of a child/descendant element within those <td>s. The various <td>s fly to their new homes, giving a nice effect.
Animated Table Sort Download & Docs →
Demo →

Video and Media Plugins

jQuery YouTube TubePlayer

jQuery YouTube TubePlayerjQuery YouTube TubePlayer Download & Docs →


MediaElement.jsMediaElement.js allows you to use H.264, FLV, and WMV video with the <video> tag and program against the HTML5 Media API. This is accomplished by detecting what the browser supports, and when it doesn’t suppor <video> or the media file you’ve give it, MediaElement.js replaces the <video> element with a Silverlight or Flash plugin and wraps it in a JavaScript object that that mimics the native Media Element API.
MediaElement.js Download & Docs →
Demo →


jMediaelementjme is an HTML5 audio / video development kit with Flash Fallback, which focuses on flexibility, intuitive DOM-API and semantic code.
jMediaelement Download & Docs →
Demo →


FlareVideoFlareVideo Download & Docs →

Image Slider Plugins

Coin Slider

Coin SliderCoin Slider Download & Docs →
Demo →

Image Scale Carousel

Image Scale CarouselWhen working with imagery online keeping the integrity of an images aspect ratio is as important as anything else. This is what’s so nice about this jQuery plug-in; you don’t have to worry about all of your images being perfectly sized for this slider. The jQuery Image Scale Carousel auto scales all of your images making implementation super simple.
Image Scale Carousel Download & Docs →

Sudo Slider

Sudo SliderEssentially, Sudo Slider is the slider plugin that allows the designer to do whatever they wants, with whatever HTML he want. It’s a content and image slider, with support for captions, ajax, multiple sliders, bookmarks, automatic sliding, continuous sliding, fading etc.
Sudo Slider Download & Docs →
Demo →

Nivo Zoom – jQuery Image Zoomer

Nivo Zoom - jQuery Image ZoomerNivo Zoom – jQuery Image Zoomer Download & Docs →

Image Gallery and Effects Plugins


YoxViewYoxView Download & Docs →
Demo →


ExposureExposure is a jQuery plugin for rich and smart photo viewing that can handle very large amounts of photos.
Exposure Download & Docs →
Demo →

Cloud Zoom

Cloud ZoomCloud Zoom is a jQuery image zoom plugin. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.
Cloud Zoom Download & Docs →

Blockster Transition Effect

Blockster Transition EffectBlockster is a Javascript transition effect designed for ‘featured content’ rotators or slideshows. Its underlying concept is to transition between one element to the next block by block. It is highly customisable in terms of how many blocks are involved, whether they fade in or simply appear, whether they appear in order or randomly, and more.
Blockster Transition Effect Download & Docs →

Lightbox_me – Stupidly Simple Lightboxing

Lightbox_me - Stupidly Simple LightboxingHave you ever had a DOM element that you wanted lightboxed, but didn’t want all the fanciness of all the lightbox-related plug-ins out there? Lightbox_me is for you.
Lightbox_me Download & Docs →“>

Easy Gallery

Easy GalleryEasy Gallery Download & Docs →
Demo →


jQueryrotateThis is a small plugin for jQuery that adds a nice feature to rotate images by a selected angle on web pages.
jQueryrotate Download & Docs →

jQuery.popeye 2.0

jQuery.popeye 2.0jQuery.popeye is an advanced image gallery script that allows you to save space when displaying a collection of images and offers your users a nice and elegant way to show a big version of your images without leaving the page flow.
jQuery.popeye 2.0 Download & Docs →
Demo →


GalleriaGalleria is a image gallery framework that is very easy to use, yet loaded with advanced customization options. With more than 5k daily downloads, it’s one of the most popular javascript image galleries available today.
Galleria Download & Docs →
Demo →

jQuery and Social Media

jTweetsAnywhere – jQuery Twitter Widget

jTweetsAnywhere - jQuery Twitter WidgetjTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter Widget that simplifies the integration of Twitter services into your site, with just a few lines of code.
jTweetsAnywhere – jQuery Twitter Widget Download & Docs →
Demo →

So So Social – jQuery News Feed from your Social Networks

So So Social - jQuery News Feed from your Social NetworksThe So So Social plug-in uses jQuery and YQL (Yahoo Query Language) to gather RSS feeds from your various social networks and sorts them into an “activity feed”. It basically creates a news feed out of your social networking activity.
So So Social Download & Docs →

Bit.ly Button – jQuery Plugin for Your Clicky Post

Bit.ly Button - jQuery Plugin for Your Clicky Postbit.ly offers realtime statistics about the clicks on shortened links and this button takes advantage of that information. This jQuery button gives you a uniform click count button -tall or wide- that people can also use it to retweet your post.
Bit.ly Button Download & Docs →
Demo →

Quite Delicious Button

Quite Delicious ButtonThis jQuery-fied delicious sharing widget gives you a uniform share button -tall or wide that works the same as the official Delicious button but looks much prettier.
Quite Delicious Button Download & Docs →
Demo →

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